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Glasgow City Council: settlement agreement set aside for lack of capacity


Settlement agreement

Power to set aside

Case Glasgow City Council v Dahhan (2016) Morning Star, November 18, EAT

Facts D’s claims of race discrimination were settled before they were heard. The claims were dismissed. D then informed the ET that he had lacked capacity to instruct his solicitor and to make decisions at the time the settlement was agreed. He asked for the ET judgment to be reconsidered. The ET set the judgment aside. The employer appealed to the EAT.

Decision 1. The appeal was dismissed.

  1. Tribunals have the power to ensure that purported settlement agreements are valid. They can set aside agreements involving an absence of consent by one of the parties because of misrepresentation, economic duress or mistake.

  2. This power includes the power to set aside an agreement on the ground of invalidity if one of the parties did not have the requisite capacity to enter into it at the time of signing.


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