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Working As A Small Business In Bristol

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Frederick Place Chambers has been a local business in Bristol since 1992. As part of the celebrations for our thirty years in business, we have reflected on how our workplace and our city has changed during that time, and what makes Clifton such a fantastic place to run a business, and work as an employment law Barrister.

How We Interact With Our Customers

The sheer fact we are writing this on our website shows how much our business has changed since the early nineties. Back in the early nineties most of our interaction with clients or businesses was in face to face meetings, or via the phone. Even fifteen years ago it was not uncommon for all our casework to be in paper form, and for clients not to have email addresses.

However Covid and new technology have made big differences to how we meet our clients’ needs. Online meetings and seminars are now a regular part of our working day, and our regular monthly newsletter keeps us in touch with customers across the globe. Online legal databases ensure that we are always up to date with the latest legal developments. Social media has also proved invaluable in advertising our services across the UK, something inconceivable even at the start of the millennium.

However we can still meet clients in our office in Clifton, and alongside any technological advances we will always provide high quality legal advice in a clear and easy to understand way.

The Changing Landscape Of The City

Bristol has undergone huge physical change over the last thirty years. Areas like Southville and Stokes Croft have seen whole new high streets emerge, and areas like Wapping Wharf and Temple Quay have emerged as new places to relax and do business.

Something we have always loved about Bristol is the way that it mixes both the creative and the business world. This is why we offer everything from legal advice from employment matters, to the creation of music contracts. This has expanded over our lifespan, and with so many new independent businesses to support we will ensure our knowledge of changes in the city is up to date.

Although our location and ethos has remained the same, we are always excited by the new possibilities these changes make, and how we can support small businesses and individuals this growth brings.

Bristol’s Timeless Appeal

We are proud that Frederick Place Chambers has been a part of the Bristol legal scene for over a quarter of a century. Regardless of any changes to the city and how we speak to our clients, our core identity will not change. We look forward to many more years working in the city.

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