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Contractual terms & Fees

Robert Spicer offers an initial free half an hour's advice. If the client then wishes to continue with the case, fees are always agreed in advance, for each stage of the case, based on £200 per hour. The client will never receive a fee note unless the fee has been accepted and agreed in advance. Where appropriate, fees are generally based on the means of the client. Claims subject to insurance cover are funded according to the level set by the insurer.

Public access services include telephone advice, written advice, legal research, drafting of documents and correspondence, preparation for hearings and attendance at remote and in-person court and tribunal hearings. Written advice will be provided, in normal circumstances, within 10 days of receiving instructions. The timescale from initial instructions to the completion of the case cannot be accurately assessed.

All fees are agreed in advance of engaging our services, and will be confirmed through a Client Care Letter. These fees will not be inclusive of VAT.

We are able to offer alternative arrangements for clients requiring further accessibility. Please call to arrange a home visit or interpreters for the following languages: French, Italian, Mandarin, Czech, Russian.

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