Our People


Robert Spicer – Founder


Robert Spicer has been a barrister for over 40 years. He has been involved in private practice, higher education and welfare rights work. He is passionate about the denial of justice to poor people. He is a member of CND and Liberty.

His current academic research into the deficiencies of the English legal system has recently been published. This new book argues that money is the key to understanding the English legal system and that English law needs to be simplified.

He has extensive experience of dealing with cases in a wide range of employment law, health and safety law and workplace stress matters. His skills and expertise in these areas have been developed through involvement in many successful claims, over a period of 40 years. He provides professional, expert and friendly legal advice.

His aim is to maintain the highest possible standards of professionalism whilst avoiding unnecessary formality and ensuring continuing personal support.

He is a regular contributor to health and safety publications.


Anastasiia Tolmacheva

Ana is a third-year Law and French student at the University of Bristol, who is aiming to pursue a career at the Commercial bar in the future. She is working with us as a research and administrative assistant.


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Amelia Taylor-Jones


Amelia has just completed  Masters degree at the University of Bristol in International Law and Relations. She currently works full-time for the National Trust and holds a position of a temporary clerk and IT consultant with us. She aims to pursue further academic study towards a legal career in the future.

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Emma Spicer

Emma has joined the chambers as a part-time research assistant. Her expertise include the field of animal welfare.