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Our People


Robert Spicer – Founder


Robert Spicer has been a barrister for over 40 years. He has been involved in private practice, higher education and welfare rights work. He is passionate about the denial of justice to poor people. He is a member of CND and Liberty.

His current academic research into the deficiencies of the English legal system has recently been published. This new book argues that money is the key to understanding the English legal system and that English law needs to be simplified.

He has extensive experience of dealing with cases in a wide range of employment law, health and safety law and workplace stress matters. His skills and expertise in these areas have been developed through involvement in many successful claims, over a period of 40 years. He provides professional, expert and friendly legal advice.

His aim is to maintain the highest possible standards of professionalism whilst avoiding unnecessary formality and ensuring continuing personal support.

He is a regular contributor to health and safety publications.

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Noël Sweeney


Noël Sweeney is an experienced barrister whose practice primarily involves advocacy in all its forms including advice and drafting and representation. The main areas of law he practises in are criminal law, human rights and animal law. At the core of each of those is advocacy as it is essential to master the evidence and facts of a case to present it in a way that is engaging and persuasive. 

Noël Sweeney has taken a special interest in the Human Rights Jurisprudence because of the impact of it on all areas of English Law. He was a Facilitator for the Bar Council on the Human Rights Courses for fellow barristers. That role entailed holding seminars where there was an in-depth discussion of the principles and practice of the legislation. Thereafter he has used it in all areas of his practice.

Noël Sweeney has had a long-term interest in Animal Law. He has written a study of the major criminal legislation affecting animals including. Animals-in-Law and Dogs of Law and A Practical Approach to Animal Welfare Law. He has also  written a unique contemporary book on one of the most vital animals on our planet: Bees at Law.

Besides being a qualified Mediator, Noël Sweeney has lectured and written widely on all those related legal subjects. In that context he  has been a Visiting Professor and lectured to mature students at the University of Bath, Hartpury College, Oxford University and the University of Winchester. Recently he delivered a Course at Marlborough Summer School to students who were non-lawyers and were of all ages and backgrounds. Due to the success of the latter, it is his intention to run another Course on an Introduction to Animal Welfare Law in 2022.

As well as devoting time to law, he is a keen craftsman and has made many items in wood including a carriage clock, a kitchen table and an electric guitar. Noël Sweeney uses the same aim and approach to each subject. So any Brief is treated as a bespoke project and completed with an attention to detail using the gimlet eye of a craftsman.

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Emma Spicer

Emma has joined the chambers as a part-time research assistant. Her expertise include the field of animal welfare.

Client 3

Jasmine Coles

Jasmine is a part-time research assistant at Frederick Place Chambers.

Client 5

Samuel Scriven

Sam Scriven is a first-year law student at the University of Bristol. He has joined Chambers as a part-time research assistant.

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