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Our Services At Frederick Place Chambers

At Frederick Place Chambers we are best known for our employment law work. However, we offer many other legal services. This is for both local customers in Bristol from our office in Clifton, to customers across the United Kingdom.

Below is a summary of some of the options we provide.

General Employment Advice

At Frederick Place Chambers we can offer advice on any UK based Employment Law issue. This is for both employers and employees, from large businesses to sole traders. We pride ourselves on our competitive rates, and the ability to break down our advice into a clear, easy to understand format.

Whatever your employment query, do not hesitate to get in touch, and you can consult directly with a barrister.

Wills and Other Documentation

Drafting a will can be a difficult and emotional affair. Ensuring the peace of mind that your finances and estate are under control is essential. We can help with the drafting of any wills or similar documentation, with an affordable, professional service. This includes not only finances, but bespoke items as well.

Drafting Music Contracts

We know what a vibrant and creative city Bristol is. From this we aim to support its busy music industry. We have the ability to both check and draft music contacts to suit a wide range of budgets. Whether an independent music label or an up and coming artist, you are welcome to discuss your contract needs with us.

Planning Applications

Bristol and the West Country have had an explosion in construction and property development over the past twenty years. We appreciate the concerns this can cause to local residents. If you are considering commenting on a planning application or consultation near your home or your business, we can advise further with help and support.

Environmental Law/Animal Welfare

Bristol has led the way as a green city, and the South West has played a huge role in animal conservation and support in recent times. We are proud to support this blossoming field. Our team can provide expert advice for both environmental or animal welfare legal queries.

This is still only a selection of the services that we offer ,and we can offer conferences both in person and online. Whatever your query please do not hesitate to contact us on 0117 946 70959, or email Robert.spicer@frederickchambers.co.uk for friendly, professional legal advice.

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