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Sex discrimination: Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Trust: £800,000 compensation


£800,000 compensation

Case Marks v Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Trust (2016) Eq Opp Rev 269:31, Nottingham ET

Facts M was the director of workforce and organisational development, employed by D. She successfully complained of direct sex discrimination and victimisation.

Remedies 1. Injury to feelings: £15,000 plus £3000 aggravated damages because her complaint had not been treated seriously, there had been no apology and the perpetrator of the discrimination had been leniently treated.

  1. Personal injury: Ongoing stress, anxiety, low mood, traits of trauma, moderate anxiety and depression. £15,500.

  2. Actual loss of earnings: £100,000. Future loss: 12 months plus continuing loss: £190,000.

  3. Pension loss: £168,000 (calculated with advice from a jointly appointed independent expert.

  4. Total award (after grossing up): £832,711.

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