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Reading a law book is like eating sawdust (Franz Kafka)

The boredom of law

Most law is dull. As noted above, Kafka likened reading a law book to eating sawdust. For anyone with a spark of individuality or creative genius, the following are examples which can kill the drive to originality and provide an effective cure for insomnia:

  • The endless tedium of the detail of the law of trusts.

  • The mind-numbing aridity of the law of intestate succession.

  • The excruciating dullness of conveyancing procedure.

  • The incomprehensibility of the more arcane aspects of the law of contract.

  • Administrative law in all its deadening detail.

  • Tax law with its endless sections and subsections of Finance Acts.

  • European commercial law in all its abstract splendour.

  • The grinding complexity of the Civil Procedure Rules, even after reform.

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