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Three Ways AI Can Assist You with Employment Law Query

Over the past year artificial intelligence has made significant advance saround the support it can offer both companies and individuals. You can now access a text based AI programmewith ease, and for very little cost. This can be a huge help when considering a legal query.


Although human legal support is still of intrinsic importance, we have included below three ways in which AI can help with the initial stages of an employment law query.


Contacting Companies


One of the best early solutions to an employment law query initially is to reach a satisfactory agreement through informal methods. This could take the form of emails, letters or meetings with your manager or HR team.


You can use AI to create basic drafts of anything you require for these. Although any drafts will require editing and personalisation, AI can make initial requests for information, the laying out of a complaint, or basic acknowledgements to responses quickly and efficiently. This will also help if you are concerned that your normal writing style may be too informal, or if you struggle with spelling or grammar.


Again we must stress the importance of checking and editing anything made through AI, but this can be an excellent tool in creating communications in the early stages of a discussing with your employer.


Finding Resources


Legal processes often involve extensive documentation, including contracts, agreements, and court filings. If you want to take your legal query past an initial informalstage, you can ask an AI for a rundown of legislation that may be relevant for your complaint. For example, you may want to check the consumer rights for your area, or check your specific employment complaint against the law. This is a fast and efficient way to find information, and you can be looking through relevant documentation within minutes.


Please note again that at this stage any information that AI gives you should not be taken as intrinsically accurate, but rather a useful guide to what legislation is available. This should be used as a useful guide for the basis of what may be relevant, rather than the full extent of your research.


Seeking Further Help


We appreciate this may be the first time you have had to undertake a legal query. If you have not succeeded through an informal route, you still may be unsure about the best plan of action, even if you have found some legislation that may be useful.


AI can suggest some possible plans of action, break these down into easy steps, and once again help with any communications. In ten minutes you can build an action plan that can ensure a smooth transition into a formal legal query.


AI should not be considered a substitute for human legal professionals, but a useful tool to assist with complex legal processes with confidence and make more informed decisions. This is alongside saving hours of time and work.


You can always find further assistance with your legal query at Frederick Place Chambers. Please contact us for free initial phone advice, or to book in a meeting in our chambers in Clifton, Bristol.

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