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Phone Hacking Trial Verdicts

After 8 months of evidence and 2 weeks of deliberations, the phone hacking trial verdicts have been delivered. Of the two predominant protagonists at trial, Rebekah Brooks was exonerated of conspiring to hack phones whilst Andy Coulson was convicted.

Following this announcement, David Cameron apologised for previously employing Coulson as his media chief, stating it had been “the wrong decision”.

Today (25th June 2014), the jury was discharged after failing to reach verdicts over outstanding charges of misconduct in a public office against Mr Coulson, and the ex-Royal Editor, Clive Goodman.

Mr Justice Saunders, who presided over the trial, condemned David Cameron for issuing the apology whilst the jury were still deliberating those charges. He stated:

“I consider that what has happened is unsatisfactory so far as justice and the rule of law are concerned.

“The press in court have been extremely responsible in their reporting of this case but when politicians regard it as open season, one cannot expect the press to remain silent.”

It is unfortunate that our prime minister is so ill-informed on the operation of our rule of law and human rights, specifically the right to a fair trial.

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