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Operation Relentless – Avon and Somerset Police

While Chambers does not usually foray into criminal law, today we will make a small exception on this blog.

Operation Relentless is currently underway, and being operated by Avon and Somerset Police. The force has issued arrest warrants for burglars, street robbers and drug dealers through Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Bath and Somerset. This year-round scheme’s aim is to increase communities’ safety, not just by removing criminals from the community, but also by increasing the visibility of police officers.

What is particularly fascinating is that the force is keeping the public up to date on their progress via twitter on their webpage. Criticisms of the police, not just Avon and Somerset but nationally, are almost daily tabloid fodder. It is thus not just interesting to get a glimpse into a police operation, but more importantly it demonstrates a real awareness by Bristol’s police force that accountability and openness are vital to maintaining trust in our local police.

Perhaps it is fitting to leave the final words to Avon and Somerset police;

“Briefing at 5am today. 100 arrest warrants about to be executed. A bad day for criminals in?#Bristol”

For those interested in following the updates, the website is

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