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Lord Sewel to face police investigation

Lord Sewel has resigned from his positions as the Lords’ Deputy speaker and chairman of the Lords privileges and conduct committee amid claims that he took cocaine with prostitutes. The former Labour minister for agriculture, environment and fisheries will now face a police investigation amongst calls for him to resign from the Lords. The news comes at a time that David Cameron was hoping to introduce new peers, despite the fact that the House of Lords is already oversubscribed. In reacting to the news, the Lord Speaker Baroness D’Souza said;

“Today’s revelations about the behaviour of Lord Sewel are both shocking and unacceptable… The House of Lords will continue to uphold standards in public life and will not tolerate departure from these standards”

In today’s (27th July) newspapers, fresh claims have arisen with Lord Sewel wearing an orange bra and criticising various politicians. He called Mr Cameron, “the most facile, superficial prime minister there’s ever been”, Boris Johnson “a joke” and a “public school upper class twit”, and Scottish MP Alex Salmond as a “silly, pompous prat”, in recordings made or obtained by The Sun.

Lord Sewel has yet to respond to the claims.

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