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Kent County Council fined for asbestos exposure risk

Asbestos exposure: local authority fined

Health and Safety Executive v Kent County Council (2018) Canterbury Crown Court, August 32

Statutory reference: regulation 10 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR)

Kent County Council has been fined after asbestos was disturbed at a primary school

The facts

  • In November 2014 an environmental health officer was carrying out a routine food inspection at Lansdowne Primary School.

  • It was noticed that what appeared to be an asbestos rope was hanging from a ceiling.

  • A prohibition notice was served on the educational trust responsible for the school. An investigation found that the asbestos rope and a flue were disturbed when the school was controlled by Kent County Council.

  • The flue and rope were attached to a steriliser unit which had been removed by a caretaker. Neither the caretaker nor the head teacher had any asbestos management or awareness training.

  • The local authority had failed to effectively prevent exposure and failed to provide suitable training to those liable to be exposed to asbestos.

The decision

Kent County Council was fined £200,000 plus £21,000 costs under regulation 10 of CAR.

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