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Girl injured on fair ride: health and safety prosecution

Fair ride injury: £1500 fine

Health and Safety Executive v Patrick McGeough (2015) Northampton Crown Court, May 19

Patrick McGeough, the owner/operator of a Twister fair ride, has been fined following an incident in which a nine-year old girl was thrown from the ride.

Significant points of the case

  • In November 2012 the girl was thrown from the ride when a safety bar flew open. She struck a metal safety barrier and suffered severe internal bruising.

  • The ride was operating 50 per cent faster than its maximum design speed. This increased the ejection force on the riders.

  • Secondary locks for the safety bars were not in use.

  • A prohibition notice and an improvement notice were served on McGeough requiring him not to use the ride until means were fitted to ensure that it could not be operated beyond its safe maximum speed.

McGeough was fined £1500 plus £1500 costs under section 3, HSW Act, for failing to ensure the health and safety of non-employees.

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