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Fall from height: serious injuries: two companies fined

Two companies fined following fall from height

Health and Safety Executive v Oswestry Shropshire Scaffold Ltd and Centreco (UK) Ltd (2018) Leeds magistrates’ court, June 6

Statutory reference: s.3 of the Health and Safety at Work, etc., Act 1974 (HSWA)

Two companies have been fined after a subcontractor suffered serious injuries in a fall from height.

The facts

  • In December 2015 Jhanade Ryan, a subcontractor engaged by Centreco, was installing solar panels on a roof.

  • He slipped on the roof and slid down to the edge protection. The edge protection board snapped and he fell through the scaffold. He fell five metres onto a flat roof and suffered fractures and nerve damage. He remains unable to work.

  • Oswestry Shropshire Scaffold Ltd had not erected the scaffold to a known industry standard or design.

  • Roof lights were present on the roof and Centreco had failed to take effective measures to prevent workers falling through these fragile surfaces.

The decision

  • Oswestry Shropshire Scaffold Ltd was fined £28,000 plus £945 costs for a breach of s.3 of HSWA.

  • Centreco (UK) Ltd was fined £33,500 plus £945 costs for the same offence.

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