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Chainsaw laceration: Growing Green Ltd fined £120,000

Chainsaw lacerations: £120,000 fine

Health and Safety Executive v Growing Green Ltd (2017) Basildon magistrates’ court, May 8

Statutory reference: s.2 of the Health and Safety at Work, etc., Act 1974 (HSWA).

Growing Green Ltd, a salad growing company, has been fined after a worker suffered serious injuries from a chainsaw.

The facts

· Two employees of the company were felling trees, using a chainsaw. One worker held and supported branches while the other cut through them with the chainsaw. One man’s arm landed on top of the moving chainsaw.

· The worker suffered deep lacerations to his arm.

· Neither worker had been trained to operate the chainsaw. They were not wearing personal protective equipment. There was no supervision and no proper planning had been put in place.

The decision

The company was fined £120,000 plus £1800 costs plus £170 victim surcharge.

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