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How To Make A County Court Claim In Three Steps

If you are owed money by a person or business, and mediation services have not provided successful, then one of the easiest ways to pursue this through the law is via the County Court.

This is something you can apply for online, and is designed to be easy for you as a consumer to complete.

However, this can still be a daunting process, so we have put together a guide on how to make an application to the court.

Although you should always explore the Government website for full details on how to complete a county court claim, here are four steps to making a claim through the court.

1) Consider Your Claim

With any application to a court, you risk the possibility of losing your case, and the chance of a successful resolution of your claim.. Ensure that you have explored all the legal options of resolving this informally with the person or company. A few emails or phone calls, or an attempt at formal mediation as per the link above, can save you a lot of time.

That said, the County Court system can be a powerful tool for resolving a claim, especially as making a claim can be completed from your home.

2) Pay Fees

There are fees involved with making a county court claim.. These will depend on how much you are claiming for, and also if you make your claim via post, or online. Although this charge will hopefully lead to a larger overall financial result, make sure you understand what is required so you can budget.

Often the most efficient way to make this payment is through Money Claim Online. You may need to set up a Government Gateway ID at the same time.

If finances are a concern, you may be able to get reduced fees, so please check before making any payments.

3) Complete Any Required Forms

The good news is that as with payment, the forms you require can be found online. It is worth taking the time to check which form is most suited for your claim, and contacting the relevant Government department if you are unsure.

Well organised and accurate paperwork are a must, so make sure you keep a file of any paperwork you complete, along with any receipts for payment. This can be alongside any paperwork relevant to your case.

If you are unsure about if making a county court claim is the correct decision for your situation, you can always contact Frederick Place Chambers for some free initial legal advice. Our details can be found here.

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