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Cynical About Most Things But…

After nearly fifty years practice as a barrister, I have become unavoidably cynical about many aspects of human behaviour. Most injustices leave me cold. But I am still passionate about:

1. The lack of proper investigation of war crimes allegedly committed by members of the British government in relation to the Iraq war. This issue is of crucial importance and is a huge stain on the English legal system. Nothing has been done. Prosecuting authorities have concentrated on relatively minor issues such as “benefit cheats” while investigation of the most serious crimes has not been undertaken.

2. Non-payment of wages. In my view, this amounts to modern-day slavery. I have acted for client after client (many from Eastern Europe) who have simply not been paid. I will continue to use all weapons in the legal arsenal to obtain justice (and money) for those exploited workers who have been cheated of their pay, often for hard work in poor conditions.

3. People who read newspapers on the racks in supermarkets (only joking)

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