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Unregistered gas worker sentenced to imprisonment

Unregistered gas fitter sentenced to prison

Health and Safety Executive v Richard Trezise (2018) Nottingham Crown Court, July 30

Statutory reference: Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 199 (GSIUR)

Richard Trezise, a gas fitter, has been sentenced for carrying out unsafe gas work.

The facts

  • Between May 2015 and July2016 Trezise carried out work at seven different locations when unregistered and falsely pretending to be Gas Safe registered.

  • He produced landlord’s Gas Safety Certificates and used the number of anther business which had never heard of him. He left customers with faulty installations which presented risks of gas leaks and dangerous accumulations of combustion products.

The decision

Trezise was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment for 21 offences under GSIUR.

The Crown Court Judge is reported to have commented that faulty gas installations can lead to gas leaks, explosion and death. This is the reason that the regulations exist and why a breach of them is likely to be regarded as extremely serious.

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