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Carbon monoxide poisoning: company and director fined

Carbon monoxide poisoning: company and director fined

Health and Safety Executive v SJW Joinery & Building Ltd and Simon Wiley (2017) Manchester Crown Court, September 6

Statutory reference: regulation 8 of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 (GSIR)

The facts

· SJW Joinery & Building Ltd and Simon Wiley, the company’s director, were contracted to carry out building work at a house in Stalybridge.

· A single-storey extension was built around part of the property. The roof of the extension was built over the existing flue of a gas boiler. This resulted in the flue venting into an enclosed space.

· The combustion products of the boiler, including carbon monoxide, built up in the extension and the house. Four people were hospitalised with carbon monoxide poisoning.

· Building plans related to the work showed that the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning had not been considered during the planning stage. The work was carried out without the risks having been considered.

The decision

The company was fined £6000 plus £4200 costs under regulation 8 of GSIR.

Wiley was sentenced to 200 hours community service plus £4200 costs for the same offence.

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